A Concern and a Society

In 1973 out of concern for the plight of the prairie chicken grew the Minnesota Prairie Chicken Society, with its primary goal of increasing public awareness of prairie chickens and their grassland habitat. The Society accomplishes this goal by providing information to individuals and by hosting an annual meeting with field trips in the prairie chicken range. This spring meeting provides and opportunity to have some fun and to celebrate the coming of spring with the booming prairie chickens.



  • Increase public awareness of prairie chickens and prairies.

  • Support efforts to preserve habitat for the prairie chickens and other prairie life.

  • Encourage prairie chicken conservation by state, federal, and private organizations.

  • Encourage land management agencies to re-establish prairie chickens after habitat is restored.

  • Support legislation that will favor the goals of the Society.



  • Coordinate an annual census of the prairie chicken population.

  • Provided equipment to land managers for prescribed burning of grassland habitats.

  • Supported prairie chicken research including a recent winter ecology study.

  • Provided educational materials to land-owners and learning centers.

  • Produced audio-visual program which tells the story of prairie chickens in Minnesota.

In addition, the Society works in close cooperation with the MN DNR, FWS, TNC, and other conservation groups. Joint efforts include sponsoring research projects like the winter ecology study, the annual spring census, assisting with land acquisition, and the publishing of a newsletter which keeps members up-to-date on developments concerning prairie chickens and prairies.